Dollar Parish Church

Linking Lives  -  Building Communities

Linked with Muckhart & Glendevon Churches

Mission Statement at Dollar

“As Christians, we are called by Almighty God to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our objectives are:

                            1. to worship God together

2. to bring all to a faith in Christ

3. to grow in faith

4. to share fellowship

5. to witness to faith in Christ

6. to respond to all in need

7. to enable and sustain the family of faith

We acknowledge that it is our privilege to share this calling with other Christians.”

The Linkage:

The linkage constitutes three parishes which are content to work together in taking the work of the Lord forward. They are the parishes of Dollar, Glendevon and Muckhart located in the North East of Clackmannanshire and to the South West of Perth and Kinross. The location is within easy reach of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee and stands at a gateway to the splendour of the Southern Highlands. The parishes have benefited from a team ministry of Minister and Associate Minister. A sequence of linkages and a union has produced the current pattern of three churches with two ministers. It is a pattern that enables this varied and active charge to be well served by a collaborative ministry.

This linkage has been:-


Longstanding approaching 27 years

Brings three complimentary parishes together in harmony

Meeting the needs of a diverse community of God’s people here in Central Scotland.

Chitra & Church

Our own Church supports mission projects in different areas of the world. Through our contribution to Church of Scotland Mission Aid Fund and to  the Havfensteins and Chitra in Nepal.

Chitra in Nepal.

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